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In the information contained in this prospectus, BSST Token V1 is Version 0. This document is valid as of the date of publication and may be changed in the future; for this reason, updates and changes are not required to be announced.

The information contained in the document for the future is not definite.

This document does not constitute any investment advice and does not advise to purchase BSST Token.

“In the laws of the Republic of Turkey, shopping with digital assets within the borders of Turkey is prohibited.”

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Why Businessman Technology INC.?

Developer Team

Our Services

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BSST Token

  1. About BSST Token
  2. Its Technology
  3. Economy of Token
  4. Company Structure
  5. Aid Purposes


Businessman Technology INC. (BSST Token) is a technology company registered in Turkey with a joint stock company structure. Businessman Technology INC. was established to list digital asset trading platforms and services on global-based and decentralized exchange markets. Businessman BSST Token does not trade its own digital assets within its own structure.


Within this prospectus, it is provided detailed information about the service token BSST created by Businessman Technology INC. BSST Token is an integral part and power of the blockchain and crypto assets ecosystem created by Businessman Technology INC.




Businessman Technology INC. BSST Token started its activities with the launch of businessmancoin.com in 2021 and it is one of Turkey’s digital asset and digital technology platforms.

It has created its entire architecture with its own team for the creation of digital assets and the use of these digital assets in the international shopping system. BSST Token dominance over platforms is completely independent. It is owned by Businessman Technology INC. and this provides our freedom in the operational process. On this path we set out by believing in the intellectual principles of digital assets, we aim and support the increase of digital asset adaptation.

In this target; we attach importance to Businessman Technology INC. being user-friendly, open to the ideas of the community and innovative. As BSST, we want to spread the technological experience we have gained as a result of all these developments in every field and shape the future.

We continue to contribute to mass adaptation by enabling all users to experience blockchain and crypto assets with BSST Token. With BSST Token, we will invite our users to new experiences by creating different usage scenarios in the future.

We have started this journey with an incorporated company consisting of various business groups of 1,000 (thousand) people.


Why BSST Token & Businessman Technology INC.?


Businessman Technology INC. BSST Token, was established in Istanbul an equity capital of 25 Million Turkish Liras and aims to be a global company in its sector with this technology as well as the different business lines in which we have previously operated.

Our Mission: “To be the current and reliable digital power of Turkey, creating an ecosystem focused on digital assets with the opportunities offered by the new generation economy and technology.” Our Vision: “To become a company with the status of “the world’s first 50 largest digital assets globally.”

The aim of our organization is to contribute to the introduction of digital assets in the developing world to many corporate companies in our country.

As of the day this prospectus was shared, we ensure that all our users carry out transactions securely in the digital asset ecosystem with our team of 32 people.

All projects put forward by Businessman Technology INC are candidates to prove the quality of their functioning to the community. As a team that is self-sufficient and is able to constantly expand its borders, we always aim for the better.

The BSST Token core developer team consists of system architects and security experts with many years of banking and software experience. We offer our high-level services with our strong software and development team, where we put quality and efficiency at the forefront.


Our Services

As Businessman Technology INC., we offer many services in the field of financial technologies.

Our services, including but not limited to those stated;

(a) Digital Asset Generation: Providing solutions to the companies that want to create digital assets.

(b) Technological Support: Providing support in the field of software.

(c) Payment Systems: Developing digital payment systems in the field of financial technologies.

(d) Charitable Activities: Contributing to the elimination of poverty in the world and maintaining the ecological balance.



BSST Token Digital Asset

It will be listed on https://pancakeswap.finance as of 14.06.2021.



  • Our Vision

In addition to taking our place in the developing digitalized world, to improve trade opportunities with many international business groups in the fields we operate.

  • Our Mission

To be among the largest digital assets in the world with BSST Token. With this digital asset, we aim to develop our business lines internationally, especially in the areas of health and automotive.

Businessman BSST Token


  • BSST Token is the strongest element of the ecosystem created by Businessman Technology INC.
  • BSST Token is produced on BSC (Binance, Smart Chain) blockchain protocol and with the contract address


    BSST Tokens can be stored on the BSC network and in all digital asset wallets that meet BEP-20 standards.

  • (10 billion) BSST Tokens have been created.
  • Within the scope of the Loyalty Project, no token allocation has been made to Businessman Technology INC. and the team. All BSST Tokens have been offered to registered users on
  • https://pancakeswap.finance/ and other centralized and decentralized exchange markets.

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